Business Interruption Cases

Examples of Complex Cases in which experts at Litigation Economics have provided analyses and testimony include the following:

George Karanian vs. Precision Craft, et al. Business disruption case in which an explosion and fire destroyed a building with offices used by the dentist/owner for his dental practice and other offices leased to tenants as commercial space. Analysis involved estimation of lost asset value, lost rental income, lost net income from disrupted and relocated dental practice, and expenditures to restore dental and medical history for 5000 patients. Retained by George Royster and Michael Gustafson, counsel for Plaintiff, Halloran & Sage, Hartford, Connecticut.

Litigation Economics, LLC assessed damages in a complex case involving permanently lost profits to a restaurant located next to a highway exit ramp in a Central Valley California town. California State Department of Transportation in effectively an eminent domain action changed the highway such that the exit was relocated to one mile away from the restaurant. Fewer customers then came from the highway and revenue dropped sharply especially compared to other restaurants owned by plaintiff in neighboring cities. Damages were computed as lost profits. That is, statistical analyses of revenue and variable expenses were used to develop but-for profit projections. Also because the change was permanent, loss included discounted present value of terminal value of future lost profits. Retained by Los Angeles Attorney, Al Mohajerian, Mohajerian Law Corporation.