Intellectual Property Cases

Examples of Complex Cases in which experts at Litigation Economics have provided analyses and testimony include the following:

Golden Apple vs. Ultimate Products Corp., et al. Case involved trade secret infringement and unlawful enrichment through use of customer list by infringer. Analysis of damages for the plaintiff involved estimation of defendant's profit, plus additional damages arising from plaintiff's business development costs and prejudgment interest. Retained by Donald E. Cope, counsel for Plaintiff, Fisher & Phillips, LLP, Redwood City, California.

Marlin Gas Transport, Inc. and Neil Enerson v. LNG Energy Solutions, LLC. Provided deposition testimony in this patent infringement case. Damages estimated included payment on hypothetical reasonable royalty rate, estimated by Georgia-Pacific factors, plus damages associated with interference by defendant with contractual relations between plaintiff and major client. Both parties participants in delivery of natural gas industry. Economic analysis and testimony done for Plaintiff counsel, Attorney Michael J. Colitz, III, GrayRobinson, P.A., Tampa, FL.

A highly confidential case involved misappropriation of trade secrets by employees of a large high-tech company who took confidential information to a second company, a customer, who hired the employees. Damages assessed included wages and options paid the employees during the time the misappropriations occurred, plus so-called “head start” savings to the second firm, and reasonable royalty payments expected for use of the confidential information. Retained by Lita Verrier, counsel for Plaintiff, Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley, San Jose, California.

Also provided testimony in two added patent infringement cases, one involving medical technology industry and the other dealing with baby furniture.

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