Wrongful Death Cases

Examples of Complex Cases in which experts at Litigation Economics have provided analyses and testimony include the following:

Cramin vs. Bahama Divers. This case involved death of an Evanston, Illinois restaurant owner/chef who died while scuba diving during a family vacation in the Bahamas. He left behind a wife and three young children. Analysis and jury trial testimony involved consideration of decedent’s earnings, benefits, and support services in household production less personal consumption and income taxes. In addition, due to wife’s being distraught and unable to work, we also assessed her loss of past and future earnings and benefits adjusted for income tax. Retained by plaintiff counsel Attorney Guy Harrison of Etcheverry Harrison LLP, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Orozco, et al. vs. Michael Moss and Laurie Waite. What made this wrongful death case unusual was not the fact that we computed the present value of future earnings and household production adjusted for personal consumption, but that we also considered the impact on decedent’s life expectancy of his abuse of crack cocaine, alcohol, smoking and obesity. Each condition was considered as per impact on mortality risk factors using information gleaned from medical literature. Analysis done for defense counsel, Attorney Angelo Campano, Lancaster, California.

Estate of Charles Wilks Christian, et al. vs. Charles Weiner, M.D., et al. Provided deposition testimony in this wrongful death case in September 2013, which was continued in February 2014. Also provided jury trial testimony in June 2014. Damages assessed included the present value of lost market and non-market work with adjustments for personal consumption, family income, and work life expected. Analysis followed opinions of medical doctor on plaintiff's ability to do market work and a vocational rehabilitation specialist as to what type of work. Several assessments provided depending on prospective pay level and alternatively the present value of transfer payments if no work in market. Retained by Attorney Michael Kroopnick, Baltimore, Maryland.